Year 8 students have been participating in the Library Reading Challenge.
The annual Scholastic Book Fair arrived in St Malachy's High School Library March 25th-March 29th and caused a buzz amongst students and staff.

Well done to the winners of the World Book Day ‘Design a Book Cover’ competition at St Malachy’s High School.

Winners of the St Valentine's Day Quiz were Marissa Rooney 9O and Lisa Toner 8K.

As part of National Storytelling Week, St Malachy’s High School invited Steve Lally into school last Tuesday to share his stories with Year 8 students.

Aoife McClean 8C was the winner of our Book Week NI 2018 competition.

Knock Back by Mrs Burgess has been nominated for the Northern Ireland Book Award 2019
Conlaith Trimble 8K won the Halloween Quiz
Pauline’s latest novel with Poolbeg Press – Who Do You Think You Are? – is a kind of tribute to all the East-European students she has taught over the years.
Year 8 students from St Malachy’s High School received a certificate on completion of the Summer Reading Challenge.
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