In accordance with the recommendations of SENDO (2005) access to the school is denied to no pupil, regardless of their learning style or disability. Every effort is made by staff to accommodate every individual need (provided sufficient support is put in place). As a school, we are willing to show that we will make all reasonable attempts to cater for the needs of all pupils who wish to be enrolled in our school.


In order to facilitate those pupils who have mobility problems or who are physically disabled, we have a lift. This enables these pupils to move easily between the three levels of the school building.


Appropriate provision is not just about meeting pupils’ SEN, but rather recognising that all children have different needs and so we need to strive towards being inclusive for all children. The onus is, not on the pupils who have the problem, but rather on how we can modify our learning and teaching environment to cater for all learners. What is good practice for pupils with SEN is so often good practice from which all learners can benefit!