In Years 8,9 and 10 pupils are placed in classes which are banded (low, middle and top). For some subjects, classes are set to allow for streaming within subjects.

Withdrawal or in-class support is provided where the need is identified. All SEN pupils in Mainstream have access to all subjects (with appropriate support in place). There are no restrictions for examination entries, although special arrangements are put in place to meet individual pupils’ needs (eg. extra time, separate venue, use of prompter, modified papers, reader, amanuensis etc). All departments have their own arrangements for differentiation for SEN pupils within their subject areas and the SENCo is available to advise on appropriate teaching strategies etc.

Withdrawal Arrangements

Literacy withdrawal is organised according to prioritised need and is arranged by the SENCo in consultation with the English Department. The timetable is flexible and may be reviewed termly.

In addition, Mrs Hodge has been timetabled for Numeracy withdrawal classes two days per week. Again this is organised according to greatest need. Pupils are identified by their Maths teachers, in consultation with the SENCo.

Classroom Assistant Support

There are 18 classroom assistants in Mainstream assigned to deal with specific pupils with SEN. The role of the classroom assistant is to support both the pupil and the classroom teacher in ensuring that the pupils’ individual SEN are met. Duties include in-class support, preparation of resources and examination support. The SENCo acts as line manager for the classroom assistants.

Partnership with Parents

The involvement of parents is vitally important in St. Malachy’s High School. The SENCo is available to talk with parents at the following times:

Before selecting the appropriate school for their child, parents of children with SEN are welcome to contact the school to discuss with the SENCo the provision on offer in St. Malachy’s. The SENCo is also available on Open Night to discuss this;

The parents of in-coming Year 8 pupils are brought into school in June of their P7  year. At this they are introduced to their Form Teachers and Year Heads. Parents are given the opportunity to speak to the SENCO to share any relevant information re the SEN of their children. Parents are also encouraged to arrange 1:1  meetings with the SENCO if they so wish;

When a pupil is identified as requiring any sort of SEN provision, parents are always notified in writing;

All pupils at Stages 2-5 on the SEN Register have Education Plans. Copies of these are sent to the parents, with an invitation to contact the SENCo to discuss its contents if they wish;

The SENCo is available at any time if parents wish to ring and make an apppointment to discuss any aspect of their child’s SEN provision. It is important that parents feel confident that the school will do all it can to accommodate their child’s SEN.

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