Dr. L O’ Neill (Head of Department)

Mrs. L Hewitt

General aims

Sociology is a very popular subject offered at AS and A2 level at St Malachy’s High School. Sociology is an exciting and rewarding subject that suits any student who is interested in people, groups and society.

Studying Sociology gives students a real insight into the world in which they live. Students will learn how social structures like the family, education, religion and crime affect individuals and groups based on their gender, class and ethnicity. They also develop valuable analytical and evaluation skills as they debate topical and controversial issues, form their own opinions and study different theoretical viewpoints.

Post 16 programmes of study

The A level is assessed through written examination. Four units are studied over a two year period.

AS Level;  

Module One: Families and Households (40% of AS Grade)

Module Two: Education and Methods (60% of AS Grade)

A2 Level;

Module Three: Beliefs in Society (40% of A2 Grade)

Module Four: Crime and Deviance (60% of A2 Grade)    

Extra-curricular activities

Sociology students attend an annual Sociology Conference at Queen’s University, Belfast. They are also encouraged to participate in inter-school debates and competitions.

Career opportunities

Students of Sociology can be found in many varied professions. Sociology is an excellent foundation for students who are interested in following a career in the following areas; law, business, teaching, marketing, advertising, Public relations, research and the civil service.

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