St. Malachy's High School, Castlewellan

Pastoral Care Structure Overview

Chair of the Board of Governors: Mr. Michael McKibbin

Principal: Mrs. O. O'Neill

Vice Principal: - Mrs. E. O'Hara

Senior Management Team:

Mrs. K. McLarnon (Teaching & Learning)

Mrs. C. McKeever (Vocational Studies)

Mr. M. Vernon 

Heads of School:

Mrs. J. Baird (Years 8,9,10)

Mrs. G. Maguire (Years 11,12)

Mrs. M. Hanna (Years 13 & 14)

Designated Teacher for Child Protection: Mr. M. Vernon

Deputy Designated Teachers for Child Protection: Mrs. E. O'Hara & Mrs. K. McLarnon

Each student in St. Malachy's belongs to a Form Class and each Form Class has a Form Teacher whose responsibility is the Pastoral Care of the students in the class.

Each Form Teacher is a member of the Year Group's Pastoral Team that is led by two Year Heads (one for male & female students) in Years 8-12, and by one Year Head in Years 13 & 14.

As members of the middle management of the school, the Year Heads belong to the school's Pastoral Team that is led by the Senior Teacher (Curriculum & Student Welfare) and also includes the Heads of School & SENCO. The Senior Teacher (Curriculum & Student Welfare) is a member of the Senior Management Team. If the Senior Teacher (Curriculum & Student Welfare) is unavailable to deal with a Pastoral Care matter, then one of the Heads of School or another member of the Senior Management Team, the Vice-Principal or the Principal will deal with the issue.

The Heads of School, SENCO, Year Heads & Senior Teacher (Curriculum & Student Welfare) will liaise with external agencies such as the Educational Welfare Officer, the School Psychologist, School Nurse etc. about pastoral issues relating to the students.

Each Head of Department has a responsibility for the Pastoral Care of teachers in the department as well as responsibility for a particular subject within the curriculum.

All support staff (office staff, technicians, classroom assistants librarian, study supervisors, lunchtime supervisors, etc.) have a role to play in the pastoral care of every student in the school.

It should be noted that all staff have been vetted by ACCESS NI.

Supportive Structures to Ensure Positive Behaviour and Learning

The Form Teacher

The Form Teacher is responsible for the pastoral care of each student in his/her Form Class and is a member of the Year Group Pastoral team. They are involved in the design/delivery of the Pastoral Curriculum for the Year Group. The Form Teacher takes a personal interest in each of the students in the Form Class, gets to know them, their families, interests, where they live, their method of transport to and from school, their hopes, aspirations, personal difficulties etc.

    1. When appropriate, the Form Teacher accompanies the Form Class to the Assembly which is held in the Assembly Hall, ensuring they are arranged in line, dressed in the school uniform and listening attentively. When it is their turn to lead the Assembly, the Form teacher supports his/her class in making a class presentation to their Year Group.
    2. On appropriate days, the Form Teachers, in their Form Room, lead morning prayers, takes the register, organises communication between the school & Parents/Guardians, including noting absentee notes. The Form Teacher checks student uniform presentation on a daily basis and reinforces the school code of conduct.
    3. Creates a friendly but disciplined atmosphere in the Form Class, developing positive relationships between students & their peers. They also share information and any concerns they may have regarding their class, and take the opportunity to celebrate the successes and achievements of the students in the Form Class.
    4. Monitor punctuality & attendance.
    5. The Form Teacher ensures students are recording information (e.g. Homework assignments) accurately in their school diary.
    6. Accepts referrals on a class monitor sheet from other staff about the attendance, punctuality, uniform, academic progress of a member of their Form Class.
    7. The Form Teacher will take remedial action, when the behaviour or academic progress of a member of the Form Class is giving cause for concern and records the actions taken.
    8. In the cases where a pastoral or academic concern arises, the Form Teacher liaises with the Year Head, in writing, detailing any problem and what action they have taken.
    9. Liaises with Parents/Guardians in consultation with Year Heads, about the punctuality, attendance, homework, academic and behaviour record.
    10. Keeps all correspondence with Parents/Guardians and copies of all documents.
    11. Assists the Year Heads in the compilation of Winter & Summer reports to Parents/Guardians and in the building of each student profile.

The Year Head

The Year Head is responsible for the Pastoral Care and discipline of each student in his/her Year Group's Pastoral Team.

    1. The Year Head is a member of the Middle Management in the school and as such liaises with other Year Heads as well as the Heads of School and Senior Management about the Pastoral Care of students in St. Malachy's High School.
    2. The Year Head liaises with the Form Teachers, Heads of School, SENCO, Education Welfare Officer (EWO) and other staff about all aspects of the Pastoral Care of each student in their Year Group. They lead their Pastoral Team in planning and delivering an appropriate PSD programme to address the needs of the students in their care.
    3. The Year Head is tasked to develop a caring, proactive approach with their Year Group to ensure that all students are encouraged to do their best and feel valued.
    4. The Year Heads monitor the academic progress, attendance, punctuality, uniform, behaviour etc. of each student in their Year Group.
    5. The Year Head is responsible for the overall discipline of every student in their Year Group. They are the second/third person in the referral process after the Form Teacher and Subject Teacher have taken remedial action.
    6. The Year Head takes appropriate action when a student in their Year Group is giving a cause for concern they record all actions taken. When a student's behaviour gives cause for concern they work in conjunction with the Heads of School and SENCO taking all necessary steps to support the student.
    7. The Year Head has overall responsibility for all communications with the Parents/Guardians of the students in their Year Groups and must retain copies of the same in each student's file.

The Head of Department

The Head of Department has responsibility for a particular subject within the curriculum as well as the Pastoral Care of the Teachers in the Department. Consequently each Head of Department has a duty of care towards members of the Department & should be aware of the discipline problems of particular students experienced by members of the Department.

The Head of Department should:

    1. Monitor the academic progress of students and put in place appropriate measures to ensure all students reach their full potential.
    2. Accept referrals from members of the Department.
    3. Lend his/her support to members of the Department in dealing with Pastoral matters & discipline problems that arise.
    4. Keep records of same.
    5. Liaise with others, including where appropriate, Heads of School and members of the Senior Management team.
    6. Develop a culture of praise and recognition for work well done by having an appropriate rewards structure within the Department.

The Heads of School

The three Heads of Junior, Middle & Senior School are responsible for the Pastoral Care and discipline of each student in the Year Groups for which they are responsible. They are next in line in the school referral system after the Year Heads. Their work is supported by the Senior Teacher (Curriculum & Student Welfare).

The Senior Teacher (Curriculum & Student Welfare)

As well as being the Designated Teacher for Child Protection and leader of the school Safeguarding Team, the Senior Teacher (Student Welfare & Pastoral Care) is responsible for the Pastoral Care & discipline of each student in the school and is the fourth person in the referral system, except in an emergency when he should be contacted immediately.

The Vice-Principal & Principal

The Vice-Principal & Principal have overall responsibility for the Pastoral Care & Discipline of each student in the school. They are the fifth & sixth persons in the referral system, except in the case of an emergency when they can be contacted immediately.

The Parents/Guardians

Parents/Guardians should note that St. Malachy's is a "telling school". If students see or hear something that is wrong, they are to be encouraged to tell a member of staff about it and be assured that action will be taken to stop any wrong doing. Parents/Guardians are invited to do the same.

The Parents/Guardians are partners with the staff of St. Malachy's High School and are responsible for:

    1. Providing firm but affectionate guidance in the home in order to produce the attitudes on which good behaviour in school can be based.
    2. Ensuring they set a good and consistent example to their children by their own behaviour.
    3. Taking full advantage of all channels of communication made available by school and developing good working relationships with Teachers in order to help their children to become constructive members of the school community.
    4. Monitoring and, where necessary, restricting their children's access to television, computer or video materials that transmit a violent or anti-social message.
    5. Supporting St. Malachy's High School and its staff in the operation of its Discipline Policy.

If Parents/Guardians are concerned about their children they should contact the Form Teacher or appropriate Year Head initially.

If their concern is extremely serious, they should contact the Head of School, the Senior Teacher (Curriculum & Student Welfare), or the Vice-Principal or Principal.