Seacourt Print Workshop

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The Art and Design Department organised a print workshop to take place in school on Monday 26th March for our GCSE AND ‘A’ Level students run by Seacourt Prints.
Our intention was to give our students the opportunity to enhance their portfolios as well as to learn new techniques and explore different media – something we do not have the equipment to do within the department.

During the workshop the students learnt how to create a range of ‘intaglio’ prints using the ‘drypoint’ technique. The process involves making incisions on the surface of a plate, which then hold the ink during the printing process. Tones, shades and textures can be created according to the depth and concentration of the incisions. The students had the opportunity to experiment with a range a backgrounds and colours which resulted in a wide expanse of excellent images and they really enjoyed learning this new process. We would like to thank Senior Management for allowing us to do this with our pupils.
The Art Department