Ulster Museum and True Colours Exhibition 2018

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On Friday 23rd February, Art/Design students from Years 11, 12, 13, and 14 visited the Ulster Museum to see ‘The True Colours Exhibition’ which showcases a selection of the best and most interesting work produced for CCEA's Summer 2017 GCE, GCSE, AS and A2 level examinations and includes preparatory work alongside the finished pieces.

Our students also had the opportunity to explore the wide range of exhibitions within the galleries, including the art work, Egyptian mummy, transportation, dinosaur skeletons, animals, fossils, butterflies and millions of specimens from Ireland and all over the world. This trip will no doubt enhance the students’ portfolios for their GCSE and A level coursework and exams in the future, as is verified from their comments below. Below are a number of evaluations written by the students themselves, which we feel gives a true reflection of the importance of visiting exhibitions and galleries. ‘I really enjoyed seeing how creative the art work was and how much detail is involved at A-A* grade at both GCSE and A-level. The trip was very well organised and made the experience so much better. The art pieces were extremely beneficial to see as it motivated me and saw what standard I should be aiming for to achieve the A-A* grade.’‘At the ulster museum in Belfast I really enjoyed the true colours exhibition because it shows me what level my art should be at and gives me ideas from other students. I loved seeing the final pieces because it showed me some really good ideas of what to base mine on and inspired me.’‘I enjoyed walking around the museum and seeing all the statues and art work and it gives you loads of ideas on what to do my art on. All the art work was a very high standard and it very good to see other students of my age work.’‘In the museum I really enjoyed going around the section about the underwater animals and the shells. In loved the detail: the patterns and the shells and rocks that were in this section. I also loved looking at the shells that glowed in the dark. All of the animals in this section al looked amazing and the detail in them was so good.’‘I really enjoyed looking at the GCSE work because it showed me what the standard of work needs to be for me to achieve and A in GCSE art and A level art. The true colours exhibition helped me decide how I am going to lay out my art book in the future.’ ‘My favourite part of the trip was going to the true colours exhibition, I really enjoyed the GCSE part of the true colours exhibition as it gave me lots of creative and fun ideas of what to do for my final piece and even just normal pieces of work.’‘I really enjoyed the trip to the Ulster Museum as I learnt a lot of new information. My favourite part of the Museum was looking at the GCSE and A level work, it gives me ideas on how to present my work and ideas of what to draw. Seeing the GCSE art work was really beneficial, looking at the different textures and designs of the sketch books was really helpful.’‘On the trip to the ulster museum I really enjoyed exploring the depth that everyone had put into their work, looking at all the different topics in the museum gave me ideas of how I can present my work and how much effort I should be putting in. Exploring the different types of projects gave me some ideas that I can use towards my drawings in the future and hopefully persuade me to maintain their standards. I enjoyed all of the sections in the museum but my most favourite part was the GCSE and A level work, especially the portraits.’‘I enjoyed going to the Ulster Museum because it gave me an opportunity to get a look at the different types of work there was involved in GCSE and A level art and the standards of work. I enjoyed seeing the different things the Museum had to offer.’