Mrs S. Andrews (HOD)

Mr O. Rooney

Mr S Curran

Mrs T McAteer

General aims

We aim to promote independent learning and actively engage our pupils in geography. We also aim to develop awareness, in our pupils, of the world around them and how they can contribute to a sustainable future.

Key Stage 3


Year 8

Unit 1: World of Geography,
Unit 2: Mapwork,
Unit 3: Weather,
Unit 4: Environments,
Unit 5: Services and Transport.

Year 9

Unit 6: Dynamic Earth,
Unit 7: Settlements,
Unit 8: Harsh Landscapes,
Unit 9: Economic Activities,
Unit 10: Population.

Year 10

Unit 11: Landforms,
Unit 12: Development,
Unit 13: Focus for the Future,
Unit 14: Sense of Place,
Unit 15: Climate.

Key Stage 4

Examination Body CCEA

Year 11

Unit 1 37.5% - Written Paper (H/F) 1hr.30mins.

Unit 1 Understanding Our Natural World Theme A: The Dynamic Landscape;( Rivers, coastal features and processes).

Theme B: Our Changing Weather and Climate; (Causes of weather in the British Isles and impact on people).

Theme C: The Restless Earth;( The structure of the earth. Earthquakes and volcanoes).

Year 12

Unit 2 37.5% - Written Paper (H/F) 1hr.30mins.

Unit 2 Living in Our World Theme A: People and Where they Live;( Issues relating to people and where they live).

Theme B: Contrasts in World Development; (The differences in development between rich and poor countries).

Theme C: Managing Our Resources. (The impact of increasing use of resources on the environment).

Unit 3 Fieldwork Report. 25% - Controlled Assessment.

Post 16

Examination Body CCEA

Year 13

AS 1: Physical Geography (including fieldwork skills)

External examination paper (to include an assessment of fieldwork)

1 hour 30 minutes

50% of AS/25% of A Level

AS 2: Human Geography (including skills and techniques)

External examination paper (to include an assessment of skills and techniques)

1 hour 30 minutes

50% of AS/25% of A Level

Year 14

A2 1: Human Interactions and Global Issues

External examination paper

1 hour 30 minutes

25% of A Level

A2 2: Physical Geography and Decision-Making

External examination paper (to include a decision making exercise)

2 hours 30 minutes

25% of A Level

Extra-curricular activities

Year 8 fieldtrip to the Marble Arch Caves in County Fermanagh (June).
Year 11 fieldtrip to the River Shimna (May).
Year 13 fieldtrip to the River Shimna or Murlough Nature Reserve (Oct).

Career opportunities

Geography offers a wide range of career opportunities; Ecosystems and Environmental Management, Land and Water Engineers, Mapwork and Computing, Industry and Tourism, Urban Planning, Teacher, Travel Agent, Zoologists, Weather Forecaster, Property Developer, Agriculture, Cartographer.

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