English and Drama


Miss. D. McAleavey (HoD)
Mrs. C. Murnin

Mrs. P. Burgess (Literacy Coordinator)
Mrs. J. Bogues,
Mrs. E. Gilmore
Mrs. S. O Hare
Mrs C. Magoran
Mrs M. Hanna

General aims

To develop speaking and listening, reading and writing skills and to nurture and develop each pupil’s confidence and self esteem.

Key Stage 3

Year 8 – Pupils are introduced to a range of fiction and non fiction texts. they are encouraged to become aware of writing for different audiences and for different purposes. There is a major emphasis on a range media texts in Y8. To enhance literacy skills all pupils are involved in the Reading  and Cross Curricular Spelling Programmes. All pupils must complete 3 key assessment tasks in Y8.

Year 9 – In Y9 pupils continue to develop their skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing. The material they are presented with and expected to understand and analyse will be of various complexities.  To enhance literacy skills all pupils are involved in the Reading  and Cross Curricular Spelling Programmes. All Y9 pupils must complete 3 key assessment tasks in Y9.

Year 10 – In Y10 pupils are again expected to build on skills they have acquired from previous years. There is a huge emphasis on fiction and non-fiction texts which they will be required to analyse and explain as this is preparation for their Key Stage Three examinations. The Cross Curricular spelling programme continues for Y10 pupils.

Key Stage 4

Year 11 and Y12 - AQA Syllabus B. Pupils in Y11 and Y12 follow various syllabi. For students who study English Literature they must also study the English Language syllabus.  Those students who do not study English Literature are required to study English. There are a series of controlled assessments which accompany all English syllabi.  No matter what strand of English is studied there are opportunities for early examination entries. There will be a final examination in the summer series of Y12.

Post 16

At post 16 pupils study AQA English Literature Course B.  This consists of four modules; two examination modules (LitB1 and LitB3) and 2 coursework modules (LitB2 and LitB4). The AQA course combines the study of literary classics with an eclectic blend of modern texts. There is naturally a range of poetry, drama texts, novels and short stories. 

Extra-curricular activities – Drama club and variety of exam booster lessons

Career opportunities –

Barrister, Solicitor, Actor, Copy writer, Author, Journalist, Editor, Publishing, Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Script writer, English Teacher, Technical Writer, Press Officer, Teacher of English as a Second Language, Editorial Assistant, Personal Assistant, Web Author/Designer, Newspaper or Magazine Editor/Sub Editor, Librarian, Information Officer, Drama Teacher, Drama Therapist, Speech Therapist.

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