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Design & Technology


Mr. J. Hanna  (HOD),
Mr. P. Hodge,
Mr. G. Mason
Mr. C. Murphy  Technician

General aims 

In  Design and Technology we aim to provide pupils with a broad range of experiences, working in a variety of materials to produce quality products. We endeavour to develop their practical capability - being able to apply knowledge, skills and understanding when designing and making. The department  aims to enable students to think creatively, being able to justify their design decisions or adapt them successfully.

Key Stage 3

 Year 8  Health and safety, ice scraper and mini light.
Year 9       Steady hand game and mechanical toy.
Year 10    Pyramid game and bookend project.

Key Stage 4 : GCSE  

At St. Malachy’s  we offer GCSE: Resistant Materials.  The subject is assessed by an examination (40%) and two controlled assessments (60%). The controlled assessments comprise of a design activity and  make  activity .  The design activity is completed during Year 11 along with practical exercises eg. wood   joints.  The make activity (practical) would occur during Year 12 along with the  external exam.

Post 16  

Students at AS/A2 follow the Edexcel Product Design course. In Year 13,  students produce a portfolio which includes product investigation, design and manufacture and sit an external exam. In Year 14, students design and make a commercial product and sit an external exam.

Career opportunities  

Graphic design, architecture,   product design, cabinet making, furniture making and design, engineering, teaching, carpentry, interior design and Computer Aided Design technician.

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