Art & Design Staff Members

M Reavey
Mrs. M. Reavey
Head of Department.
Miss. K McCabe
Mrs E Paul
(Ms T Morgan)
Miss D Feeney

General aims

Art and Design aims to enrich and develop the creative potential in every student through a wide range of learning experiences and to nurture aesthetic awareness in all, so that they may respond and contribute to the world around them.

Key Stage 3 

Pupils  will compete a variety of learning outcomes through the following themes:

Year 8
Term 1: Me, Myself and I                          
Term 2: Colour                                               
Term 3: Summer Exam Project
Year 9
Term 1: Animal and Patterns                
Term 2: Sports and Leisure                       
Term 3: Summer Exam Project
Year 10
Term 1: The Built Environment            
Term 2: Field to Forest                                

Key stage 4  

Programmes of study to include details of external examinations, modules, practical etc                 GCSE Art and Design

Year 11   coursework on the theme of ‘my world’ covers a broad range of artistic experiences – drawing and painting, it/lens based media, textiles & crafts, ceramics, 3d construction & sculpture, graphics, design and illustration.  Internal  school assessment of work throughout the year.

Year 12 pupils complete the above coursework by Christmas in yr 12 [ie; after 4 terms work] examination theme is issued in January of year 12 and planned and prepared until April of yr 12.  GCSE examination is held in April and display and exhibition of all work takes place April/May in yr 12.

AS and A2 Art and Design

AS and A2 Digital Photography

These 2 courses are all coursework based with internal school assessment. Projects and themes are explored and discussed with individual students.  Examination themes are issued in February of Yr 13 or 14.  Planning and preparation for this continues until May. Examinations take place in May and exhibitions and display of all work takes place in May/June.

Extra-curricular activities 

Students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of creative activities, artwork and photography after school. We also enter competitions, take part in workshops, visit artists , galleries & exhibitions and have happily been involved in many community based projects.

Career opportunities 

Creative expertise is required in many careers.  Here are just a few ……..[3rd level education is required for some of these]   …advertising, graphic design, video game designer, art teacher , photographer, stage set designer, interior designer, painter and decorator, visual merchandiser, florist, beautician/makeup artist, nursery and early years work, furniture/cabinet maker, and any aspect of the fashion and textile industry… these are just a few ideas.